Town of Winter Harbor, Maine 

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          Board of Selectmen, Board of Assessors and Overseers of the Poor
(Elected-3-year term)  

Terry Bickford, Chair                   Term Expires 2025

 Kittridge Rivers                            Term Expires 2024
Gordon Harrington                         Term Expires 2026

Town Manager, Treasurer, Tax Collector, Town Clerk, Registrar, General Assistance Administrator, Motor Vehicle Agent (Appointed)

Cathy J. Carruthers

Deputy Town Clerk, Deputy Registrar (Appointed)

Sara Liscomb

Code Enforcement Officer (Appointed yearly)

Millard Billings

Local Plumbing Inspector (Appointed yearly) 

Millard Billings 

Harbor Master (Appointed yearly)

Fred Backman

Emergency Management Director  (Appointed)
Roy Chandler
Health Officer  (Appointed)
Roy Chandler

Road Commissioner & Facilities Maintenance Director

Roy Chandler
E-911 Addressing Officer (Appointed)
Danny Mitchell, Jr.
Cathy Carruthers, Deputy
Acadia National Park Commission Representative  (Appointed)
Pearl Barto


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