Town of Winter Harbor, Maine 

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Boards and Committees

Appeals Board  (Appointed - 5-year term)

Peter Drinkwater Term Expires 2024
Sandra Guptill Term Expires 2025
Brent Hurd Term Expires 2023


Budget Committee  (Elected - 1-year term) 

Billy Bickford  
Michelle Bickford  
Michael Campbell  
Kevin Conley  
Laura DeLucia  
Peter Drinkwater  
Carrie Faulkingham  
Herman Faulkingham  
 Christopher Joy  
Bob Schmidt  
Jonathan Stanley  
Diana Young  

Harbor Committee  (Elected - 1-year term)

Commerical Fisherman        Robert Bragdon
  Patrick Faulkingham
  Michael Kramp
Recreational Boaters Andrew Abbott
  Alan Johnson (Chair)
At-Large Members Barbara Jean Bragdon
  Richard Wilson

Recreation Committee (Elected - 1-year term)

Dolora Conley
Sandy Fortin
Sarah Joy
Megan Moshier

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