Town of Winter Harbor, Maine 

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Other Elected Officials

 RSU #24 Superintending Board Member

Jeffrey Alley, Jr.

CemeteryTrustees  (Elected - 1-year term)

Andrew Abbot, Vice President Charlie Arnett
Rose Arnett Christopher Byers
William Bickford Herman Faulkingham
Gordon Harrington David Joy
Jack Kunkle Roseanne Shafer
Louise Shaw Betty Williams
Diana Young, Treasurer Steve Young

Library Trustees  (Elected - 5-year term)

Cindy Alley    Term Expires 2024
Richard Brown, Treasurer Term Expires 2026
Mary Kachoris Term Expires 2023
Sandy Smallidge Term Expires 2026
Wendilee O'Brien Term Expires 2023
Sandra Drinkwater Term Expires 2025
Michael Campbell, President Term Expires 2023

Utilities District Trustees  (Elected - 3-year term)

Jeffrey Alley, Jr.                   Term Expires 2024
Kevin Conley Term Expires 2023
William Van Horn Term Expires 2025

Water District Trustees  (Elected - 3-year term)

Shirley Chase, Chair       Term Expires 2023
Billy Bickford Term Expires 2024
Johanna Smith                    Term Expires 2025




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