Town of Winter Harbor, Maine 

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Assessing & Property Tax Information

Winter Harbor's elected Board of Selectmen contracts RJD Appraisal for all assessing duties.  The values for all property are set as of April 1st of each year.  If you qualify for a Homestead, Veteran's or other exemption, you must file the application by April 1st.  Once approved, you do not need to reapply yearly for the exemption.  Taxes are calculated by mid-August and bills are mailed the first week of September.  They are due in two installments, October 31st and April 30th.  If you do not receive a tax bill, and believe you should have one, please contact the Town Office.  Information about property is contained on assessment cards at the Town Office.  All property and tax information is public information.  Winter Harbor's fiscal year is July 1st to June 30th.  

All forms are available at the Town Office or click on the form title below.

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